Monday, 14 November 2011

Finding the Time

The biggest challenge I'm faced with this time of year if finding the time to work. I'm a full time sailing instructor all through summer and after 6 days a week on the water (which i'm def not complaining about!!) the last thing i want to do is hit the studio. but i still manage to throw some pots a couple of times a week. These two pots i threw last night are slip decorated much like the smaller ones i put the kites and paper airplanes on. So to be all hipster and techo i tried my hand at making a gif. hope it works....
throwin pots!
also posted are a couple of shots of my work i need to get in the kiln some time soon. I find that firing in the winter is somehow always more appealing :) especially when its a 30 degree day like today.

1 comment:

  1. Love your gif, Owen! Very clever. I should do one to show you how I do my pleating and building - but I'll have to get my kids to help me with that. :}
    It has been hot, hasn't it? Making me very lethargic to be honest...