Sunday, 27 November 2011

At last - Keiko Matsui

I said to myself - 'Let's stop winging and do some work!'
Thank you for encouraging comments from other bloggers. At last, I managed to put all my work together in the bloody last minute.

I realized that it is important to breath slowly, pause, and clear your head-space when things goes wrong. Being a potter is life time commitment so that I have to train myself physically and mentally well.

As I noticed that some of ceramic artists from this blog cannot come to the Manly Art Gallery & Museum. So I thought it would be nice to put some of my exhibiting work for those who cannot visit the museum. Below is my exhibiting work.

I spent 2 days to do photo shooting as the weather in Sydney was pretty wet last week. Natural light is the best, cannot beat with photoshop!

The narrative knot and PROmotion exhibition sounds so versatile! I am so excited to see other people's work.

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  1. wonderful work Keiko. So glad you overcame your previous problems. I am looking forward to seeing them 'in the flesh'