Monday, 14 November 2011

All quiet on the South Australian front

Well, not really.  Just over a month ‘till Christmas, and the pots aren’t making themselves.  The beast is not quite roaring away outside (it will be very soon as it reachs reduction and all that that involves) and various things are drying on shelves as I attempt to make enough to fill it with another load of bisque.... 
The beast in action

My favourite thing about and in my studio is being within a few feet of the garden, the kiln, the garage, the kitchen and the computer.  I know it's all a bit cliched and naff: I'm not a tortured artist (which is also cliched and naff), but, being a 'woman of a certain age', I like my comfort and peace and solitude and will probably have to start collecting the fifty cats soon....
Onions in the front, kiln in the back

The last load of pots came out okay (this was my Woo Hoo moment!).  I'm still learning how my kiln works: half brick in flue seems to aid an even temperature, but makes reaching cone 9 difficult; no brick = cone 9, but only on the bottom.  I'll rebuild the flue during summer, as well as patch and seal the kiln walls (too much heat is escaping) and that may help/work....
A kiln load of pots

And finally, something I'll be driving to Sydney for the show.  Everyone, this is Finley.  Finley, this is everyone.


  1. Hi Finley! So you are going to travel to Sydney too? Still debating! :think: Toss a coin I reckon!

  2. Nice to meet you, Finley. Can't wait to see you in the flesh/clay...
    What a great set-up you've got, Charmain. You've even got some veggies growing there by the look of it. We've got too many wild rabbits here to contemplate doing that!

  3. Finley looks a little concerned - hope to meet him in Sydney