Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Good the Bad and the UGLY,

I’ve been really enjoying the discussion going on around kilns. When I got back from America I was a little down about having to work with my earthenware kiln after having great raku, gas and wood kilns at my disposal. I have written previously about woking within our given constraints. So that in mind I set about working on some new thrown and slip cast forms to apply decals too. Well after opening my kiln yesterday I got that familiar good, bad and ugly feeling.

I think that feeling is a major part of ceramics for everyone. I remember going to help unload a large train style wood kiln this year and it was under fired with many crunchy glazed pieces (not sure what that was maybe under fired ash fall) . Anyways I do usually get a better that 60% 40% ratio, 60 being good 40 being a mix of bad or ugly. But if you get that one or two woo hoo type pots it makes up for all mistakes.

Blistered decals, ugly


  1. Hi Owen,
    I bet you fired them without letting them dry for at least 24 hours. If there is any moisture, even the tiniest bit, they blister.

  2. Was funny actually this one was left on the longest about 3 days but i think because the glaze was slightly crazed the cracks caused air to get under the decals. i figured it would go bad anyways, there were way to many little decals on there i should of gone with the trusty KIS methodology

  3. Yes its the old story! Change to a differant firing! Even if you have done it before and no probs it will all go wrong! :S Hope I don't have the same thing happen next week. (touch wood) In the past I have found that you just do it again, wiothout even changing anything or much at all and the success rate will gradually improve. WHo knows why! One of the3 mysteries of life.
    PS I don't really mind the broken up decal images. :D

  4. The other mystery is who puts all those typos in my posts! :S