Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Joey Burns - Late Starter

Hi guys, I’m a bit of a late entrant so here’s just a quick ramble about who I am and what I do.

I grew up in the sticks near Gundaroo (half an hour north of Canberra), now living in Sydney. Currently finishing ‘Diploma of Ceramics’ at Northern Beaches TAFE.

The two big projects I have on the horizon at the moment are setting up a small studio in a shared live-in warehouse in Marrickville, and building a small wood fired kiln at Gundaroo, hopefully to be ready for firing by next autumn.

Although I do have an interest in making purely sculptural pieces, my main focus at the moment is on making functional wood fired work.

I incorporate elements of humour and character into my pots, inspired from both animal and human behaviour, as well as contrasting elements taken from both city architecture and naturally occurring landscapes. My latest obsessions are large wobbly bowls for spaghetti and variations on espresso cups.

Espresso cups, sorry for the bad mobi phone image.
Some mugs from my last firing.
Here's a couple of Larger storage vessels that still have to be fired.

I would love to show some of my current tableware, or maybe a storage jar at the Manly exhibition. I think it would be great to show how the influence of Japanese and Korean wood fired work has been filtered and interpreted down through the generations

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