Monday, 17 October 2011

I've been thinking!

The prospect of being in an exhibition seemed like no big deal, till I actually was. Like a party goer with nothing to wear I suddenly feel like nothing I have is good enough! I need to make something special.
Its strange trying to make something special in pottery! It is usualloy so humble. Pottery will never be seen on "Australia's got Talent" or even make it on to the news. Does it even exist out there in real life. :doh: Not many things would exist if they were only allowed to if they were on telly. Although I once saw a show about how they molded the huge mouldings around sky scrapers windows in New York. (Which are terrocota by the way...... but I digress.) (Its was a pretty good show, but it was all about how messy it was. :doh: "That's not dirt" I kept saying to the telly, "That's clay!" anyway.... )
So I am making some special cups. And I am unleashing my drawing talent. (How's that for talent "The X factor" :Q )
For the last decade or so I have been limiting myself to working with one particular motif, "little waves", trying to do as much as I could with it. Looking for depth, and a suggestion of environment and atmosphere. But now I feel the need to draw! I will be drawing still lifes from around me. Nothing special. Just normal life. Just celebrating the moments of peace and thinking in a day!


  1. Lovely forms, Anne-Maria! I think you've got a great idea. What do you use to draw on your work?

  2. What do I use to draw? :hmm: I don't
    know yet! :doh: ..... Actually I was thinking of just scratching in with pin tools of varying thicknesses. The simply rubbing some colour into it after bisque! I guess "etching" would be a poetic word to use!:cool:

  3. I sometimes etch then add colour,rub it over, then rub off the surface leaving the colour in the etched bits, also I use underglaze crayons to draw which give a crayon line, just like crayons on paper, that is if you are happy with a less defined line, I also draw with bits of dried up underglaze!to be found in old small jars when it has dried or leave a blob out to dry.
    good luck, Cheers, Jan

  4. Then again there is the set of robot stamps I haven't used yet! :lol: :D

  5. Robot stamps.....that's your normal life?!? LOL it could be.
    Jan - that's a really interesting idea with dried up underglaze - would never have thought of trying that.

  6. Doesn't everyone have robot stamps. Of course I blame the small boy but truth is its me who likes them. :D

    Will probably rub colour into the marks. I would love to use oxide but I am firing in someone else's kiln and don't want to risk fuming their work with cobalt and copper!

  7. Is the small boy also a useful excuse for seeing kid's movies? Sometimes (although not too often) I miss my nannying days.*
    *Ah, it really is digression o'clock at the Number One Campsie House - apologies everyone.

    Jan - I second Jo on the awesomeness of the underglaze crayon tip - i always have jars of dried out bits - reconstituting them may be an even worse job than washing buckets. Ah - would that we could all have apprentices for such things eh? Failing that I reckon crayons are the way of the future!

  8. Midst the digressions I forgot to talk about all the stuff of the everyday - it's where all of the beauty and wonder of ceramics lie no? Ah but perhaps best not get me started tonight - I'll come back to this one. V. exciting.