Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

Greetings Bloggers (and readers)
Isn't it wonderful how things have started to hot* up

* although do you think Marshal McLuhan might have called blogging 'cool' - it certainly fits
under the 'global village umbrella no?
I feel as though Marshal McLuhan is everywhere at the moment (an interesting concept given that he's been dead for a while) - although this could have something to do with the fact that i listen to all my favourite Radio National** programs as podcasts - I've only just now been catching up on bits of the ABC's Marshall McLuhan project - from July this year. Charmain, you mentioned him in one of her early posts - in the title no less. What was it that brought him to your attention? Anyone else got Marshal on the mind?

** The catching up on old RN pod-casts has been possible because midst everything else I've managed (been driven by necessity - not just you bloggers with a deadline!) to get in a bit of making time - and of course, while I am (alone and) making I invariably listen to RN. Is it a romantic delusion or is it true, that lots of potters / ceramicists are similarly inclined - towards the ABC - particularly Radio National. Are you one such maker? Why, aside from the fact that Fran Kelly has (one of) the best voices on Radio, what is the appeal?

Ah, but I do digress - point being, it's nice to see the conversation starting to grow and evolve - couldn't help but put my two cents in (the digressions are free).

For you non-bloggers - ie our adoring followers - (whom I would love to see come out of the woodwork) I dare say a bit of an update is in order...
With some weeks (and some days) between us and the Manly show (didn't your mother tell you it was rude to count?) we have a group of nine artists / bloggers busily preparing work and, as you might have noticed, getting amongst it in the blogosphere.

Making the decision re artists for Manly was never going to be easy - but with Vicki's help* (goddamn, where would we all be without her?)
*Our discussions and final decisions were based on bloggers' posts, the answers to my questions and a feeling as to how the work selected would come together to tell something of the history of The JAC as well as shine a light on future directions the field might take.
I chose 7 artists from the original 35 invited by Michael Keighery to participate in the project.
They are (in no particular order):
Jan Downes
Keiko Matsui (who, it must be said, deserves an honourable mention for her vigorous embrace of the blogging medium)
Anne-Maria Plevier
Josephine Pittman
Maria VanHees
Owen Carpenter and
Jo Wood

Feeling that this list left some gaps in the 'story' of the field, I trawled through the education supplements of The JAC back-issues and invited additional artists / ring-ins to join the blog. Of them,
came to the party and I'm pleased to say they'll be exhibiting with us at Manly.
Check out their introductory posts here (links above):

My excitement at things hotting up (or cooling down as the case may be) comes from seeing the blog live up to some of it's promise.*
Thirty-five Australian ceramicists write about their work, studios and current concerns... The conversations and current works will provide inspiration for The Journal of Australian Ceramics 50th anniversary exhibition at Manly Art Gallery and Museum in December 2011.

With some weeks to go til the show, I look forward to seeing it continue...
onwards and upwards.

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  1. I listen to RN so its not a delusion. Got to listen to something! And music doesn't do it all the time. I like listening to all the various conversations.:cool: