Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Got a problem and seems logical to come here for advice...
Been working on a bottle form and to stop it collapsing I've been stuffing newspaper inside. My quick question is can I leave the paper inside for firing? I know it will fire away, I'm just not sure if its going to smell or smoke (neighbours won't like that).
I'm just bringing in the neck, so need to pull out paper now or leave it there for sacrificial burning.


  1. :shrug: How close are the neighbors? :D Might be safer to leave the paper in cos you might damage things trying to get it out!

  2. Their house is only 15 metres from my kiln! I've now got a tighter neck on it and, as you say, I'll stuff it if I try and get the paper out now. Oh well, it's good to experiment... :{

  3. Can't be worse than my neighbours Sunday BBQ.. probably won't smell as nice though.

  4. Just to update on this...
    I bisque fired the bottle yesterday. I pulled the bung out at 300oC and a small amount of white wispy smoke trailed out. You're right Joey, it didn't smell as good as a bbq, but it wasn't too bad either. Put bung back in and it went up to 1000oC without drama. When I looked at it today it was fine. Just a small amount of white crusty stuff at the bottom of the bottle, which fell out easily when prodded. All good. :)