Sunday, 30 October 2011

Drawing on round things.

I've had the cups sitting here staring at we for a week and a half! I knew what I wanted to do, but I needed the time to sit down and do it, without to much distraction. And I also needed enough hutspa to just do it without fear. I wanted to scratch the lines into the clay, so no mistakes were allowed. Or at least, you better like all the marks you make cos you can't un make them. Finally it could not be put off any longer. I told my partner to take the computer cable with him so I could not Bejeweled instead. The kid is sick on the couch watching telly and playing his DS. So here goes........

And there they are. That wasn't hard was it! Now they will go in the kiln. Wednesday I think. And gather together the wood for their saucers.


  1. Well done! I bet that feels good. Certainly looks good. Look forward to seeing the next stage.

  2. Very familiar territory for me also Anne-Maria. I too, need clear space, time and no distractions to really get my work done, whether it's my ceramic work or the Journal. I think it's to do with a fear of failing ... or is it that our brains need to switch over ? Either way, it feels so good when you're actually in that creative space. Looking forward to seeing your work as it develops!