Tuesday, 13 September 2011

wHo, wHaT, WhY

are you? japanese ceramic artist/potter based in sydney
inspires you? what rather than who...some aspects of culture and all aspects of nature.
do you want to be like? one who has technique, knowledge and ability to pass it on to the next generation.
don't you want to be like? antagonism is as powerful a motivator as admiration? not really...they lead to different roads. i don't ponder in this direction.

do you make? cups, bowls, plates, and vases. small sculpture/object when i have spare time.
would you contribute to the show? i would like to show my functional pots, made on wheel.
does it all mean? pots are part of me and it shows my practice for being a potter. it may be a 'only' bowl for others, but it is something special thing to me.

WHY This is the big one – and the most interesting. Don't tell us how – tell us WHY!

work with clay? clay is the most versatile medium for me. it changes, surprises you with firing, glazes etc,. i also physically enjoy touching clay, the process is very meditative. carrying an ancient tradition in an ever changing world is very grounding.
WHY make the things you do? i started making functional ware without thinking much. i believe that being surrounded with so many pots in japan, i automatically got an idea of what i want to make.
WHY would you like to be in this show?
manly museum is a great place to exhibit for an emerging artist. so why not?

P.S -
Dear Other bloggers at JAC Promotion, JAC staff(including blog helper - shannon), and readers,

Thank you for putting up with my poor English writing on this blog. I know that it was not perfect/correct writing in my past posts, however I did what I could! Even I won't be able to exhibit at Manly Museum, it was good opportunity to read bit of JAC and got to know other artists on this blog. Arigatooo :-)

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  1. Arigatoooo to you too Keiko.

    I'm sure your readers / fellow bloggers haven't been too bothered about the intricacies of English expression - in all of your posts you've managed to convey your ideas and feelings admirably. I have enjoyed reading about your studio, your work and your various inspirations. and all in amongst your life as practising artists and mother. thankyou.

    In this post I particularly enjoyed the idea that working with clay is for you like 'carrying an ancient tradition in an ever changing world.' Given that much of what we're on about here is history - and it's relevance to the future. Exciting stuff.

    I was also humbled by your suggestion that antagonism and admiration 'lead to different roads' - i wonder will it drive me to change my ways? I wonder what your fellow bloggers will have to say about it?

    And finally, your image in this post - a still life? It's a bit of a variation from your strictly functional work, what was the thinking behind it? It's hard not to make Gwyn Hansen Piggot connections. Was this your intention?

    Thanks again Keiko - looking forward to reading more.

    Onward and upward