Wednesday, 7 September 2011


In previous posts I’ve already written about a few Australian ceramists that I’ve been interested in for a while. I just spent the afternoon checking out the online ceramics collection of the Manly Art Gallery (again), and realized that I left out one artist whose work, whenever I come across it, always draws me to have a closer look. I had already started working in the way that I do before I ever got to know about Joan Campbell. So even though she hasn’t directly inspired my work, I always feel that Campbell’s work is in many ways related to mine. Her sculpture in the MAGAM collection, for instance, has that organic, even biomorphic quality to it and displays natural looking random markings, similar to what often happens in my soda fired work.

I remember doing some research on her work a few years ago, but I found it hard to find a lot of information. There was one small book (mmh, I love the internet, quick search in the catalogue of our library and here it is: Joan Campbell, Potter, edited by Luceille Hanley, 1984), and that was it. I do remember reading about her struggle and persistence in trying to solve technical problems with her raku firings (I think it was raku). She wasn’t afraid of a challenge.

To get back to my own work: I did a soda firing last week and it was successful! It feels like it’s been over two years since that happened so I’m happy! The work will be in Energy, an exhibition by Skepsi Gallery at the Malvern Artist Society (Melbourne) from 9 to 25 September. Unfortunately the work went straight from the kiln into the boxes and on their way to Melbourne, so I haven’t been able to take some good photos (yet).

I think I’ve spoken enough about what I make and what it means in previous posts, so I won’t go into that anymore.

I’ll have a think a bit more about what I would contribute and about the big WHY-question. I’ll get back to you on that hopefully before the end of the week!

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