Friday, 9 September 2011

Rona Sissons, another caricature!

Couldn’t resist posting my latest attempt at lampooning  our wonderful politicians – not!  Another dig at Bob Brown, hopefully instantly recognisable, who you may have guessed from previous posts, is not my favourite politician, and who will eventually be shown sporting a whip in his right hand as a comment on how I regard his pathetic back seat  manipulations of our current, equally pathetic government’s policies.

I made this comment  to someone recently and that started me thinking of another image. How about a Holden car, sort of  a la Margaret Dodd,  representing the good ship Australia, Julia at the wheel, Bob in the backseat in sado masochistic leathers brandishing a whip?  I’m open to any other ideas on this theme and would love to see how some of you would implement it as well!

Actually I’m not normally very politically motivated at all. It’s just that the features of our current bunch of no hopers, are, to quote the press, “a caricaturist’s dream”. I only hope that they can hang in there until my exhibition, 26th – 28th October or several of my exhibits will have been rendered obsolete. Oh well, Tony Abbott, is a pretty good subject for caricature as well, I feel an image in budgie smugglers and the red and yellow lifesavers cap coming on, or maybe that’s already been done to death. Well I wouldn’t like to seem to be biased:) 

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