Wednesday, 7 September 2011

matthew1 - computer 0

Evening bloggers at long last i have won a fist fight
with my computer, i must admit the computer
almost bet me but with my sheer awesomeness
i turned the tide.

As some might know I'm working with earthenware fired stoneware
to prevent warpage of my work, seeing I'm working with light iv
chosen to carefully tone my work with a spray gun (yes i know what
your thinking "very manly"). I used two different clay based
terasigulata's white TMK, and a very vibrant orange from RGH.
At the moment iv been working on some new work, i have
coloured white terasig with a blue stoneware based colourant.
Iv  chosen blue so that i can contrast with the RGH terasig/slip.
I like balance in my work so i found it fitting to make
a lot of my pieces balance on there own (very trippy). Some
people call me crazy and i agree with them but i still like
challenging my self with new balancing forms. I enjoy the look
on the viewers face when they see a potential hazard. I like the
reaction aspect of the work as well as the production of
the piece, i
have a lot of fun making my work.

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