Monday, 12 September 2011

Manly Art Gallery & New Work

Well, I have finally managed to look through the whole of the Manly Art Gallery ceramic collection. It is an amazingly large and varied one, and it has been really well documented for internet viewers.

Something I keep asking myself, is where do I want to go with ceramics. Looking at the images in the Manly Art Gallery Collection, it strikes me that I’d like to be a collected artist. I’m not fond of the spotlight and so I have no current ambition for being a solo artist, but I very much enjoy being part of group exhibitions. I feel privileged to have had my work acquired by the TAFE Institute and the Gold Coast City Art Gallery collection.

I would like my technique of working with clay to be seen by a wider audience and one way to do that would be to enter overseas competitions. To be part of a contemporary Japanese ceramic exhibition would probably be my ultimate goal. I have great admiration for the work of Mariko Shibata and Yasuko Sakurai, both of whom share my interest in light, shadow and textures.

Like Anne Maria Plevier (see her earlier post) I am not very good with words, especially written, and struggle to express myself so I do not feel I am doing this blog justice. I too am a visual person who is drawn first to images then I may read the accompanying words. Perhaps as artists we all do this.

Here are some photos of my new Batik work. I am playing with different strengths of manganese to highlight and enhance the texture, while not wanting to lose the translucency of the clay.


  1. Thank you, Denise. Are you still doing the Artisan Market regularly, and do you feel you are building a customer base now?

  2. Wow – I’m impressed that you’ve managed to look through the whole of the Manly collection – it really is vast – well done.

    Interesting that you’re not fond of the spotlight and yet aspire to being collected. What would that mean for you? I can imagine that being in the company of the artists in the Manly collection would be something to be quite proud of – but I wonder what happens to the idea of a work once it becomes collected – ie taken out of its original context – I’d love to hear the thoughts of others who’ve been so collected. How does it feel?

    Speaking of context, how do you see your work going out into the world? Where do you hope it will end up? Are these objects for everyday use or precious / ritual objects? The visual texture in your new work, as provided by the batik stamp is quite lovely. Do the origins of the stamp have any significance for you?
    I also like the absence of stands in your new work – although it begs the question, how are they lit? Have you ever thought of making a chandelier?

    As for your thoughts about ‘doing the blog justice’, it has been great to see images of your work and your studio – hopefully the imperative to write has been, if not enjoyable, then in some way rewarding? For me, the writing (akin to getting blood from a stone) is as important as the making – another way to get ideas out and about and around – and hopefully generate some discourse?

    More is more.