Friday, 2 September 2011

Greetings Bloggers!*

* I must say that I’m not usually a fan of the exclamation mark. Much has been written of their overabundance, particularly in the email / internet realm – but these are exciting times and trusting those scholars who say it (!) derives from the Latin Io (meaning joy) – prepare yourself for a flurry of the oft misused punctuation mark.

How tremendously exciting to be writing to you all from the other side of the blogosphere – the hot seat as it were. Fun and Games! It is sad for us to have lost Michael along the way and I’d like to join Vicki in wishing him all the best in his pursuits. In the same breath I’d like to say thanks to our fearless leader for this amazing opportunity – a chance, not just for myself but for all of us to show the world (first Manly, then the world! bwahahaha) the future faces of Australian ceramics. Yeah!

So, long segue, short point…

It’s time to get a rocket under you!

It’s crunch time boys and girls.
We’ve got a small space, a BIG show to put on and not every child can win a prize. So, who wants to play?

Some of you have been thoroughly diligent in your posting and some have even answered Vicki's questions. Others, well….
As I said myself in a post a while back, life does have a way of running along. Time flies etc and we all know too well the vortex that is ceramics land – what feels like ten minutes in the studio can be ten days in the outside world – a bit like a Jules Verne film no?

Nevertheless, the show must go on and here is one last chance to nail your colours to the mast. Ahoy!
Vicki and I will be making a final selection of artists for the show on Monday 12th September. Between now and then – you've got 10 Days - we want you to blog your little hearts out – or at least give us one REALLY good post. We're interested in history – not as a linear construct (like they taught us in high school – BORING!) but as a living, breathing, happening thing.

The Journal of Australian Ceramics is a (BIG) part of it.
The Manly Art Gallery and Museum ceramics collection is a part of it.
You and me and all of us are a part of it.

A while ago I posted about the stream of ideas that we throw ourselves into as being like the muddy waters of the ancient Brisbane River. For this big, awesome, amazing, knock-our-socks off post I want you to tell us where you see yourself in the great, meandering, muddy stream that is the history of Australian ceramics.

In past emails Vicki has asked you to talk about moments of inspiration provided by The JAC.
She has also provided links to the MAGAM collection
Both of these will be important parts of the exhibition – alongside which we'd like to show your work.

Keep these things in mind as you answer the following questions (in point form if that works for you)

are you?
inspires you?
do you want to be like?
don't you want to be like? (antagonism is as powerful a motivator as admiration no?)


do you make?

would you contribute to the show?
does it all mean?


This is the big one – and the most interesting. Don't tell us how – tell us WHY!
WHY work with clay?

WHY make the things you do?
WHY would you like to be in this show?

So ladies and gentlemens – with no further ado – get thee to your blogs!

I look forward to reading – and prodding – over the next ten days.

Onward and upward

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