Monday, 26 September 2011

Digital Daring - Marie Littlewood

My first post concerned itself with the virtues of magazine reading.
To have and to hold, and all that
is great about experiencing a book, magazine or journal in the flesh.

This post is a tale about the fun that one can have within the digital realm.
I am part of a group of guerilla crafts people.
We exist as a blog called
We post images of things that we have been making and once a season we appear,
like magic, for 2 hours only at a secret site released on the blog the morning of the market.
It is a fun way to sell work, and also to make work that may be experimental and
without the final polish of exhibition work.
the market feels a little like a performance, with participants setting up with speed in mind.
we've seen ironing tables used as trestles, washing baskets etc. it needs to go up and come down
in a hurry incase we are ushered along by anyone in authority !

check us out,


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  1. A great idea! Wonder if we'd get away with it in Sydney...