Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I suddenly feel like the kid waving her hand in the air at the teacher, begging to be asked “What is it?!” I’ll tell you what it is. It’s taken a bit of looking through a lot of magazines but I’ve found my very first inspiration that came from a Pottery in Australia magazine (Vol. 37 No. 3, 1998 – pages 58-59). It was an article on dry glaze addiction written by Glenn England. Around 2002 I had been set a Cert III assignment to hand build a lidded box and research old pottery magazines for inspiration. I was very taken with Glenn’s two forms in the photograph and her enthusiasm for dry glaze. I confess I blatantly copied her box form as I was so taken with it, but I did use my own textures - one of which was the batik stamp I’m currently using with such excitement. It was my first introduction to the beauty of pressed texture on clay.

So I’ve just looked up Glenn England to find out what she’s doing now and it appears she is working with porcelain, and still making the most gorgeous forms (below).

I have to share the first line of her article: ‘I decided years ago that I was a dry glaze person and I can never visualise my decorative work in anything but a dry glaze.’ Perhaps this is why I’m so afraid of making statements in this blog…

For me this is a lovely connection to the way my own work has evolved.

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