Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Anne-Maria Plevier: things of clay and wood

Just a quick post to tell about what I have been working on. For the last 4 or so years I have been working on melding my pottery objects woth wood components. At first just laminated wooden handles for my tea pots. Then I discovered the world of wood turning, and have been making saucers and trays for my cups and tea sets. This is the latest set. The pics are hurriedly taken before the set was whisked of to a wood turning exhibition. The tea pot has a turned handle in jarrah held into a flange with a wooden pin. The tray is also Jarrah! The teaset is hand thrown middle fire quartz clay. Hand painted. Fired in an electric kiln to 1200 deg C.


  1. So so beautiful Anne- Maria. I've been working on wooden teapot handles too. I found a luthier (guitar maker) to make mine and he was very tolerant of the prototyping process. Did you learn how to turn so you could make your own? I think clay and wood are a beautiful combination.

  2. I agree with shannon too. wood & clay are in harmony! I love your work. by keiko

  3. oooh wood turning envy.

    My dad had a lathe when I was growing up but I was never allowed near it - sharp tools etc... boo.

    But I've always loved the turned wood aesthetic. We were living in WA at the time and blackboy (i'm sorry, i don't know the new, politically correct name) wood was notoriously difficult to turn - but also incredibly beautiful.

    Why do you use Jarrah in particular? Where do you source it?

    Unrelated to wood turning - but still on the wooden handle thing - I was fortunate enough to share a bit of residency time with Chris Weaver at Sturt last year. Not only does he make beautiful laminated wood handles,


    he also makes his own tools using driftwood gathered near his house


    Serious tool envy!
    On top of all of that, he's a top bloke.

    Hm wood.