Saturday, 27 August 2011

Keiko Matsui - Influence 2

The Journal of Australian Ceramics 47#1 April 2008 issue is focusing about food & pots.
That is another theme I pay attentions when I make functional ware.
In page 62, Cheryl Twomey writes article about food and pots.

The tile of "If clothes make the person, dishes make the food" made me think. Yes it is true, but I don't want to judge people by the cloths... Same as food, sometime cheap food from the street taste great without fancy pots...I enjoyed reading her article while I thought about the title.

Pots at our house is all reject from my studio. One with Small firing crack, warped, or glaze application fault, they all come to my house. My partner is dreaming about "proper" pots! Whereas, I get served by beautiful pots at Malcolm Greenwood house whenever I visit his place. I even found his handmade tiles at his new kitchen too!

What made me smile reading this article was how she took her journey of combining two; food & pots. The paragraph about meeting two Japanese students who came to the University of Ballarat made me smile.

Cheryl said 'food and ceramics both begin as raw materials from the earth or sea and metamorphose through a process of preparation for consumption. Similarly, both rely on the variables of nature, adding on going challenges and appeal.'

I completely agree with her expression.

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