Monday, 22 August 2011

Keiko Matsui - Influence

As I grow up in Japan, Ikebana* is pretty much Influenced me and I cannot stop thinking about how flower sits in a vase or bottle when I make them.

[Above: Tenmoku bowl, drawing with silver]
[ Ikebana arrangement by Setsuko Yanagisawa]

Currently I am making various vases for my first solo show at STURT Gallery next year. I should be happy about it, however, I am already nervous about how I manage with baby and work...

[Above: Blue & White Platter, drawing with cobalt]
[ Ikebana arrangement by Setsuko Yanagisawa]

But reading shannon's blog [] really encouraged me. Working mother like her gave me a hope.

Here's the text I liked:
Having children has enhanced my work as an artist. It has opened up new emotional territory and trained me to work faster and harder and concentrate in different ways. It is a stark contrast to the luxurious, long, loops of time I spent thinking and making things when I was younger and I'm still in the frantic early years of motherhood (my daughters are 4 and 6) but I am interested to see what kind of artist will emerge from this tempering. I feel that my basic material is being changed. When you fire clay at around 600 degrees it undergoes a process called 'quartz inversion" where the crystals in the clay body change their molecular structure. If a pot survives this metamorphosis twice, once during the firing and again during cooling a beautiful, hard fired vessel will result. I feel like motherhood is a similar process. text by Shannon Garson

[Above: Mountain Vase]
[ Ikebana arrangement by Setsuko Yanagisawa]

*Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement []

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