Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Keiko Matsui: Imperial Porcelain

In the Issue of 43#1 in 2004, there is an article about imperial porcelain by Anne Geroe (page 62 - 65). I have never used this clay as I normally use southern/cool ice porcelain or superior white.

Since I started blogging for JAC PROmotion 2011, I digged out old issue of JAC from my bookshelf. I must confess that I did not read all articles every issue ... and I am a little bit regretted because there are many useful information in JAC!

The article of Imperial Porcelain was one of them. It takes time to understand one type of clay, in addition to the glaze to fit with. So it is encouraging and useful to read about other type of clay from experienced potter. She wrote lots of technical tips as well as safety issue. I really enjoyed reading her article "now". Thank you for sharing great information, Anne!

It does not matter for blog or magazine, it is wonderful to share experiences (ex. I really love seeing Dee's photos in this blog and her super-duper intelligent & witty writing) and technical tips with other ceramicists/potters. I will read more articles and will post some good finding to share with you.

What is good about the magazine is you can read with relaxed manner (compare to online) However, digital version has also some kind of benefit. I wonder JAC will do digital subscription like Ceramics: Art and Perception magazine.

I will sleep now, Vicki :P

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