Monday, 8 August 2011

Keiko Matsui - Eveleigh Artisans' Market, Sydney

Good morning, bloggers and readers!

First sunday of the each month, I go to Eveleigh Artisan's Market in Redfern, Sydney. It is a great venue for artists and designers.

Above: Keiko at the market

I love this market as there is great atmosphere and staff are so supportive. The table is prepared before your arrival, under-covered, and free car parking! I am located next to coffee shop and diagonally across women's toilet, what else do I need!

As Australian Ceramic Association is planing to have a market stall in November, so I can put little bit of input as I have been doing this market since February 2010. At the moment, 3 - 4 potters are regularly participating. Steve Sheridan, Denise McDonald, Veronique Pengilley (she was not in today) and myself.

Above: People dancing with music in front of Keiko's stall

Market starts at 10am. When I arrive, Denise is already finished setting up and relaxed. I really recommend you to come early if you are planning to come in November. It will definitely help if you could prepare Eftpos machine as there is no ATM at the venue. Otherwise, the rule is pretty much the same as other markets. Prepare enough change, business cards, bubble wrap, calculator. (I need this)

Oh, one more important item is chair to sit on. It would be good if there is a high chair as the table height is a bit tall. Some one like me - short, looks invisible if I sit normal chair inside my stall :P

I look forward to meet other potters/ceramicists in November!

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  1. Hi Keiko. I finally got around to catching up with your blog. Its great. I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for mentioning me here. I don't think I am always COMPLETELY set up when you arrive haha. You are right about needing a tall chair. Mine is too short and I disappear as well.