Friday, 12 August 2011

Keiko Matsui - the 1st issue of Pottery in Australia

Although I don't own the first edition of Pottery in Australia, there are few information I could find in the anniversary issue - celebrating 40 years.

Bernard Leach visited Australia in 1962, and the cover of Pottery in Australia was his jug. It is written Volume1, No.1, MAY , 1962 FIVE SHILLINGS!

Here is the text from Bernard Leach;

"Let me say at once in Japan they laugh at this division. Art is art, or it is nothing. t is an expression of the delight in man, in beauty, in things:and if that vitality, that delight is apparent, it does not matter whether it is in fine art, or applied art, or crafts. We have had too much of this division. It is part of the result of the industrial revolution which was a kind of splitting of the personality of man into what you must do for utilitarian and practical reasons, and what you would like to do if you have time and money. There was a time when there was no such division and it is our craftsman's belief that the time must come back again eventually when we can put into out work our enthusiasm, our joy and some of our own control."

Above: Keiko's Art & Craft Cup, 2008

As I am interested in debate of "art & craft", hearing opinion from others is somehow important. Journal of Australian Ceramics is good reference for me to find other people's voice.

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