Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jo Wood: Influences and Inspiration

Until Vicki asked us to blog on this subject, I hadn’t really given it much thought as to where my influences have come from. I guess it all started with my father who was an architect and photographer. I think I inherited his eye for detail and form. The next person to leave an impression on me and my work was ceramic artist Chris James, who taught me at Hornsby TAFE eight years ago. Chris is a great all-round teacher but he has a particular gift for teaching mould-making and slipcasting. His own slipcast forms have a beautiful simplicity about them, being both functional and a joy to use.
I made a very simple beaker form during that time that I had designed on computer, transferred to a template and then shaped in clay on the wheel before making a plaster mould. I have used this form over and over again in different ways. I was fortunate that Chris showed me how to make a silicon mould from my original plaster one before it got too worn.
In my ceramic work one good form can be the basis for a few different ceramic techniques. Here is a photo of just some of the ways I have used the beaker form. These include slipcasting with inserted neriage pieces; slipcasting with resist pattern, two-colour slipcasting with sponged resist pattern; and pleated clay hand-pressed into the mould.
Particularly exciting and inspiring for me is the work of ceramic artist Mollie Bosworth, so I was thrilled to show work along side her in the recent Lucent exhibition at Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown. I love the way she incorporates colour into her work while always keeping a simple aesthetic form. I have worked with colour now and again but I always seem to be drawn back to white porcelain, usually unglazed.

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  1. I agree with you, I think Mollie Bosworth does beautiful fine porcelain work. I have a brooche which she made and I always feel good wearing it.