Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Anne-Maria Plevier: influences? #1 (in no particular order)

Early in my career I participated in the last firing in Harold Hughen's oil fired kiln. He had died a few years earlier and the kiln was finally to be dismantled. It must have been in 1990 some time. A whole bunch of people put a few pieces in. I made a funny little tea set in rough brown clay, free form faceted. It was a fun little thing. Glazed in Shino glaze, which I love. Comes out fantastic oil fired. Which it did. I think I have a slide photo of it somewhere. But not finished. Just in bisque! The tea set got stolen from my car a few months later. I guess it was some sort of flattery. Someone loved that tea set as much as I did.
Harold Hughen died at 93 years old with wet pots still in the studio. I thought. "Wow! That's what I want to do. Who wants a job you actually retire from?" Hughen's pots were what you would call "honest and handsom". I love the fat chun type glaze on this faceted canister.

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