Friday, 26 August 2011

Anne Maria Plevier: I am afraid of words

There I said it. Me and words are not friends. Yet here is this medium that enables others to read what one says. As long as you say it. But words are not my natural habitat. That is why I am a potter. And a knitter. And more recently a wood worker. Making things is my natural habitat. I have ideas that I put down in drawings, that would just be impossible in words. But then I must tell someone – somehow. I guess that is partly what this blog is about. Finding words to talk about these "things". Feeling around for a way of talking and discussing things that are not made of words.

I must also confess that I only buy magazines for the pictures. Sometimes I forget and try and read about some picture that has caught my eye and I want more information about! What a disappointment. Political spin doctors have nothing on design and art magazines. How to say something without saying something. Quick. Back to the pictures. 
So here is a picture. Some tiny bowls. Hurriedly snapped before being shipped off. Middle fire Quartz. Hand thrown. Hand decorated. Clear glaze. Fired to 1200ยบ in an electric kiln.


  1. Thats great to admit your dislike of words, they can get in the way and I believe that art work should speak for itself. Your bowls are very delicate and beautiful, but I am wondering if they are hand painted or silkscreen printed or...? one word answer is fine.
    Cheers, Jan