Sunday, 7 August 2011

G'day Potters!

Hey it's great to be here bloggin out with yous all.

Yeah, Daz here. G'day.

I'm real sorry it's taken me a while to get my act together (watching my language here - keepin it nice - sorry if i stuff up sometimes eh) - me and Shoana, my beautiful girlfriend, have been heaps busy movin house and I've been workin real hard at this potting caper.

Lucky for me Shoana takes real good care of me. She's real good at this internet stuff too, helping me with pictures and stuff like that. She reckons we can make another movie soon. I'm a pretty shit actor eh - but it's good fun.

But that's enough about me. Vicky - yeah g'day luv - asked us to write about the potters that have inspired us. Well y'know i'm fairly new to this potting thing - got into it thanks to Hester Kneeldown and his bearded mates. Top blokes all of em.

But this bloke that I'm gonna tell yous about doesn't have a beard, never mind, me neither eh. I read this article when I was visiting my mate Dee - she's not bad for a sheila eh - but i dunno if she's much of a potter. Anyhow, we were hangin out havin a beer (tinnie of VB for me thanks mate - none of that fancy Belgium shit - aw shit - watching my language. sorry) and she has a bunch of old pottery mags. The article I saw was by Steve Harrison called 'Continuing Green: A potter's response to global warming.' Journal of Australian Ceramics, July 2007.

I reckon it's really great how Steve thinks about taking care of the earth and stuff. It's stuff that I think about too cos y'know one day me and Shoana might like to have some kids and it'd be good if they could have a nice place to live eh. You know I've been worried that moving closer to the city would make it hard for us to be green and everything, but when I was reading the article it made me real happy to see that there's heaps of stuff that me and Shoana do already. Now that I've gotten warmed up to this blogging thing i'll tell you all about it.

But first off I have to tell you about something heaps exciting. After I read that article I was looking at some other things that Steve wrote. About how he makes his clay and glaze and all that stuff.

I think it's really cool how he digs his own clay and it's all local and stuff. I really like things to be Australian made and it doesn't get more Australian than that eh? And his bowls are really beautiful eh.

I was worried that I would never be able to get clay like that - y'know with living in the city and everything - but I got real lucky just recently.

The pictures here are of me diggin some clay outside the footy stadium right near my house. Yeah the Swannies don't play here, but it's still footy eh.

I'm real excited to get stuck into it and see what I can make with my very own local clay. I'll tell you more about it real soon.



  1. so happy you are contributing Daz. I think you look super-buff in your stubbies digging clay. Beardy woodfirers could take a few tips off you!

  2. Aw Cheers Shaz,
    You wouldn't be the first lady to comment on my stubbies eh. Lucky Shoana isn't the jealous type.
    It's great to be here eh. I'll put up some more photos soon - just for you (and the other ladies).