Sunday, 17 July 2011

Utility + cactus chairs + dinnerware? What's going on?

Issue 50/2 of the JAC is now in letter boxes around the country, along with around 100 or so heading O/S. The theme of CERAMICS + UTILITY is introduced with a stunning cover featuring "The Comforts of Home" by Sydney College of the Arts MFA graduate, Jan Howlin. A diverse collection of dinnerware is spotlighted, from plates for Passover Seder to one thousand bowls made for a South Australian beach festival. There was certainly no shortage of ceramicists out there who are working collaboratively with designers, chefs, festival organisers and other artists, to create exciting handmade dinnerware.

Another feature in this issue is JAC's annual National Education Pictorial Survey. The last 10 years of this survey was the starting point for our selection of our 35 PROmotion bloggers. It's been terrific seeing your studios and some snippets of your current work in the blog to date, and now that the blog is once again active, get busy with your next post.

Enjoy the issue and happy blogging!
Vicki Grima, JAC editor


  1. I enjoyed the latest JAC but I wish you would publish the titles of the pieces in the National Education section as you used to do as, from the look of many of them, the title would be important in fully understanding the meaning of them.
    I think this is particularly illustrated in the “Comforts of Home” piece that you chose for the front cover which I like very much especially now, knowing the significance of the cactus covered cushions :)
    I know in my work, the title is often a significant part of the piece.
    Just a thought!

  2. Thanks Rona. I agree with you that the title is often an important part of the work. Unfortunately when space is an issue ... something has to give. I will take your comment on board for next year, and consider including the title.