Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rona Sissons: work in progress

Here is the completed figure of Alice that I posted earlier pictures of in the making.

The finished figure is about a metre high and the use of two interlocking cylinders to connect the body to the legs works reasonably well in making for a stable figure however it does require an armature, just a wooden dowel attached to a base, similar to the ones the pieces were constructed on, just slightly thinner.
The figure is intended to be the figure of Queen Alice from the feast at the end of “Alice through the looking glass”, just at the moment when she grabs the tablecloth. I plan to install it using real cloth, black and white checked to echo the black and white checked   perspective  plinths that I am using for other works such as this one of Alice coming through the looking glass.

Other characters from the books will also be at the feast. Such as
The frog doorman

The fish footman

Plus ceramic food, spilt bottles, glasses etc.
I hope to have it all set up for my exhibition in the Hornsby TAFE gallery, as part of my advanced diploma in ceramics, at the end of October .
These pictures have not come out quite as well as I would have liked but they will have to do for now. They, together with much of my current work are white unglazed terra sigillatta which is very difficult to photograph well without specialist equipment. The following picture was taken by a professional and you can see the difference!

I hope to get some professionally taken images from the TAFE exhibition and, ultimately I would like to take up photography at a more professional level  but, for the moment, it is just on my wish list ...

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