Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rona Sissons-Influences!

So how has the Journal of Australian Ceramics/ Pottery in Australia influenced me, well here goes….

I bought my first copy of the Journal of Australian Ceramics, or Pottery in Australia as it was then, in September 2000, I really cannot remember where or why, and was completely blown away with Sue Stewart’s winning entry in the Sydney Teapot Show (PIA 39/3), a Hieronymus start to the day (I have since seen the original at Keanes Somersby) and I have since seen other examples of her work (PIA 34/1) and admire her sense of humour and irreverent attitude to her subject matter and I love teapots and drinking tea:)

I have always been drawn to the figurative, both human and animal, and a combination of the two in anthropomorphic animals. I have come to know the work of three other Australian artists that I very much admire through articles in JAC/PIA who have had an influence on my own work. The delightfully whimsical animals of Paula Frost (PIA 37/1), the timeless figures and animals of Susan Jorgensen(PIA 34/1) and the more overtly political and feminist figures of Lorna Tilley(PIA 40/1). In most cases I have to say that JAC/PIA provided the initial acquaintance with the artist and I then pursued more material, principally on the web.

I have to say that I encountered the one ceramic artist, whose work I admire the most, not through JAC/PIA but through Ceramics Art and Perception(60 2005) and not even in an article but through an advert for the Garth Clark Gallery on the back cover. The artist was the American ceramic artist Beth Cavener Stichter and the work in question was entitled “Strange Attraction”. It shows an animal figure, but we are not entirely sure exactly what species it is, with an oddly disquieting, almost human gaze and pose. A web search threw up her website I strongly recommend that you pay it a visit. It is a really informative site and her work is amazing. Apparently she is pretty well known in the States but I haven’t encountered many Australians who have heard of her.

At the moment however, my main interest is in ceramic caricatures, chiefly of politicians (and there is no shortage of suitable candidates – see earlier post!) so my primary influences come from the newspapers!

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