Thursday, 7 July 2011

Owen Carpenter- getting it done....

Wow time is getGetting away as usual but things are getting done little by little,

Here are some in studio photos of the work I’m doing right now. These tall slab pieces are inspired by Tatlins Tower, a famous Russian piece of architecture that was never built but was so next level that it is still seen as pushing the boundaries of architecture. My pieces are dealing with the limits of ceramic material as well as how we become more specialized and skilled as our ceramic careers grow. The finished piece will include three towers holding mass produced teacups. Each will be in a varied state of completion and quality, metaphorically representing the passage of a studio potters skills. We can all remember how hard throwing those first few pots was but as time goes by we progress. The tea cup held up by the tower represents that old foe of the ceramicist, mass production. As well as the number of cups of tea or coffee we need to survive those hours in the studio when we just want to give up. The completed work will be posted within the next few weeks so please stay tuned!

As for the immediacy of this blogging business I can’t agree more with you there Vicki. In my art history lecture I’m taking at the moment there are more people with laptops out and on than not. And almost all of them are on facebook or watching videos ect. These days if you can’t multitask you’re going to be left behind it seems. But there are plus sides, this blog is really a great part of my week to be able to check in and see who’s posted something new…. Its becoming a new addiction to add to the list!, the photo of the smashed pots I’ve put in just happened so there’s some fun breaking of raw clay towers for you, which is also becoming an addiction.

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