Thursday, 7 July 2011

Owen Carpenter- Bowlarama

So this past couple of weeks the semester has been coming to a close, this means tying up all the loose ends in the studio, final critique and the big clean up. I’ve been lucky that whilst studying over here (university of Kansas) my lab fee has provided me with as much clay as I can make! So I figured I should take the opportunity to work on my throwing. I really enjoy throwing bowls and wanted to improve on my technique and work on keeping the weight off. I’m working towards having a nice consistent couple of forms I can repeat.

This was my daily mission and I’m happy with most of the results. I’ve tried to really recycle anything that wasn’t up to par in the raw stage and fire only forms I was happy with. I’m not a fan of firing all of your work as it’s a great waste to fire work just for the sake of it. After helping with the studio clean up this week I am more convinced than ever that a studio where beginners are working can really create some unnecessary bisque fired landfill.

Anyways so here are some photos of the bowls I was most happy with over the semester as well as some slip cast plates and other shapes I’ve been working on…

Next week I should have some video of my final critique/tower balancing act/breaking pots that I did a couple of days ago,

Really enjoying seeing some of the work being put up by others on the blog too has been great....

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