Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Keiko Matsui - My belated "how do you do?"

Hello everyone! My name is Keiko Matsui. I am Japanese born Sydney based ceramic artist. I studied ceramics at the National Art School, completed honours degree in 2006. I have been practicing for making functional objects since.

Thank you for inviting me for PROmotion blog. I am very pleased to be one of 35 Australian ceramicists. I am sorry that I could not post any blog until now, as I gave a birth two months ago and I have been busy with a new born baby.

I work from my own studio in Chippendale in Sydney.

I set up my studio about one year ago. It was absolutely empty space therefore I have to call an electrician to put lighting, find a plumber to put a sink, painting walls (took me so long time as it were concrete bricks!), putting shelves, making curtains & signs...

But it was worth doing it as this was for my dream studio!
I would like to write more about my work and studio, but as I have to breast-feed my baby now (it is 3 am in Sydney time) I will stop writing today.

My apologies for simple & childish writing...I wish I could write this blog in Japanese. Oops, I gotta go! Baby is crying~~~


  1. Wow Keiko- well done! A quick spot of blogging in between feeds at 3 am! I could hardly string my thoughts together at those early baby stages , much less write something coherent in a second language.

  2. Hi Shannon! Thank you for encouraging comment. I appreciate it. by Keiko