Thursday, 7 July 2011

Marie Littlewood-blog made flesh - a case for glossy magazines

Pottery In Australia

I graduated from North Adelaide School of Art in the late 90’s. Pottery In Australia was a formative part of those early years at Art School and was definitely one of the first ports of call following the issuing of an assignment for information on any one of the many aspects of Ceramics being introduced. I’m sure many photocopies complete with inky commentary have made their way into a nation of student’s journals’.

Later, well-thumbed issues in shared studio’s brought lots of joy. From laughing at the fashions of the bearded wood firers in the 1970’s issues to coveting images of your current guru’s pieces. Many collective oooh’s and err’s around the kitchen table, pointing out articles that might be of interest to one of your studio companions, rummaging through back issues to find the picture of a particular pot that wont leave your mind, and stimulating a healthy dose of criticism and conversation too.

It was always satisfying somehow to be the person who arrived first at the studio with the latest issue - as opposed to leafing through the magazine on the counter of the pottery supply shop under the unimpressed eyes of the salesperson because you have just spent all of your money on materials and can’t quite afford the latest issue!

Perhaps it is just my personal preference but I have always enjoyed reading from paper in deference to the humming, glowing computer screen that seems to make my neck ache so! Delicious moments when you take that freshly brewed coffee find your own piece of sun (or shade) and take an escape with other potters’ imaginings; no temptation to quickly check your e-mails or to see whom else is online.

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