Thursday, 7 July 2011

Linda Back-new work

I have been making Ikebana containers for a colleague who teaches the practice, and this piece was exhibited in the Brisbane Institute of Art members' exhibition held recently at Gallery Nona. I enjoy making these simple functional pieces which can stand alone, or in harmony with natural materials.

These wall units were originally conceived to display my ever increasing ceramics collection without creating too much clutter in my lounge room. Then I got the idea to create ceramic pieces specifically designed for each unit which would then work as an integrated artwork, with the individual pieces still being able to stand alone. Hope this makes sense. Its still just an idea. I was definitely inspired by the Novemeber 2010 issue of JAC which focussed on architectural ceramics.

The pictures show one of the wall units, including a framed mirror, made and given to me by a much loved uncle. Also some simple slip cast and carved pieces which I have been experimenting with. I've decided this blog can serve as my diary or journal of this project, and will document my progress.

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