Sunday, 24 July 2011

Keiko Matsui - Visiting Malcolm Greenwood's Studio

In July 2011 issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics, there is an article of Malcolm Greenwood. (Page 27-31) As I also make functional pots, I enjoy reading the article of "In the Making".

Today I went to visit Malcolm's studio in Mosman with my little baby Mor! I really like his cosy studio and little courtyard space.
I am grateful to read his comment, "I'm interested in the Japanese philosophy of ceramics, where a rice bowl is deeply appreciated both for its everyday use as much as seeing that bowl as an art object in itself''

In 2008, I was given an opportunity to assist Malcolm's big commission for a Japanese restaurant. The way he work was so efficient, no time wasted. He first trained by a Japanese potter in USA. I recall that he was showing me how to use jigger jolly machine (see image below), friendly talking to me "Now my knowledge is going back to a Japanese girl in Sydney!"

I am also impressed how organize he is. Making thousands pots for restaurants is not easy. His workshop is no space wasted, so as for his kiln space!

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