Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Keiko Matsui - My work

I would like to show some of my work. I mainly make functional pots and I like working on wheel. It is my way of meditation - sitting in front of wheel and touching clay.

Below image is cylinder vases before glaze firing. I use Gosu (Japanese cobalt) to draw, they are black before firing. I apply drawings on top of glazed surface, which means no mistake is not allowed as cobalt leaves strong stain. I like it this way as this is kind of calligraphy to me. In calligraphy, you only stroke once, no fixing or repeating the same line. I sometime draw twice on the same line when I want to enhance the blue, but normally only once.


(Look how much they shrunk! Particularly the height.)



I feel very privilege to create or draw whatever I feel like. If I would have to work for Master Potter in Japan, I could only draw the same design, the same shape, after cleaning his/her (I would say, most of them are 'he') studio for 3 years!

I sell my work at few gallery shops in VIC and ACT and NSW at the moment. One of favorite galleries is Sturt Gallery in Mittagong. ( I also sell my work at the Eveleigh Artisans's Market ( on 1st Sunday of the month. One month will fly very quickly and it is really time consuming to do market. (packing pots and driving to the venue, and unpack pots and pack the leftover!)

However, it gives me good decepline to work regularly. It is also precious to chat with customers directly. If you ever close by, please come and say hello to me. The next market is 7th August.

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