Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Keiko Matsui - In conversation with...

My favorite page of The Journal of Australian Ceramics is "INSIDE MY STUDIO". I enjoy reading the "In conversation with ..." with the same questions. It is almost like visiting artist's studio and having an conversation.

What I am interested in most is the artist's space. I get excited to look into the images of artists studio. Even though it is not "Inside my studio" page, if I find artist's studio images like Takeshi Yasuda's studio (Issue 48/2, July 2009, page 23) or Ros Auld's studio (Issue 46/2, July 2007, page 86), I look how they place their tools and bats, and the setting of wheels etc.
Organizing space is like organize the head space. My studio space is so tiny and I also have gallery space in the same space, therefore it must be organized otherwise I cannot work. However, by reading this article every issue, most ceramic artists dislike cleaning up. Well ... me too!

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