Thursday, 28 July 2011

Keiko Matsui - Compliments

What is a compliment for you when you working as ceramic artist/potter?
Is it when you sold your work?

Receiving awards and prizes or selling your work as you wished?
"I like your work""Your work is beautiful" I am sure that everyone get this kind of comments from your admirer or friends and families.

Of course no one feel bad to hear about those comments, however the best compliment for me is;
1. When Potter/Ceramic Artist buy my work
2. When Japanese people buy my work (don't get me wrong, I am happy if Australian people buy my work too~)

When you can make pots, most people tend to avoid purchasing because you can make it or you have enough pots around you. (or not enough money like me..) But if ceramic is your passion, you keep looking other people's pots and you will occasionally encounter the favorite pot and you end up buying it!

Today Bronwyn Kemp accidentally found my studio in Chippendale and knocked a door of my window when I was working. Since my son is born, I tend to go to studio after 8 pm when I finish breast-feeding him, but I was working 'normal' hours today and I met Bronwyn.

Bronwyn was a creative director of Jam factory ceramic department from 1983 to 1988. She taught me one term at the National Art School in 2004. We chat about pots (of course!) and she bought one of my house drawing cup! It is a really compliment to me if my teacher buy my work.

Above: House drawing cup Browyn bought

Let me show off a bit who bought my work! (As this blog is about PROmotion, I will promote myself)

Kirsten Coelho, Trisha Dean, John Freeland, Simon Fraser, Susie McMeekin, Aleida Puller, Charoen Somchai, Suzanne Archer(painter), Noel Mckenna(painter), and so on. It encourages me so much when other "potters" or "artists" buy my work, rahter than "celebrity" or "company" buys my work.

Above: House drawing cups

Secondly when Japanese people buy my work, I simply feel so happy. There are not so many Japanese people live in Sydney in comparison to Aussies. I don't advertise myself to Japanese media here so most Japanese don't know about my ceramics. But sometimes they come to Eveleigh Artisans's Market. One of the greatest moment was Okinawa potter came to travel Sydney and came to my market stall and bought my work. When Japanese people buy my work, It gives me hope to exhibit in Japan one day. One of my dreams is exhibiting in Japan where ceramic is highly appreciated and yet very competitive.

Above: Keiko is glazing house drawing cup

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  1. I know what you mean about feeling good when Japanese people buy your work. A Japanese lady bought one of my bowls at the last market. She spent a long time picking up each bowl and cupping it in her hands and holding it up to her face and feeling the rim over and over and over. I felt I had passed a great test when she finally bought one.