Thursday, 7 July 2011

Karen Farrell- experiments

New Residencies

Well over the past few weeks, i have been enjoying the company of Robyn Hancox, a fellow clay compatriot, in the clay school of Sturt Pottery. It is always nice to have a positive vibe in the house! She is the Graduate Resident, enjoying 6 weeks of southern charm. We have been getting up to all sorts of mischief, and sharing some experimental clay building/firing procedures. We,ve had our share of fallout in the wet firing arena, and some success as well. My first year throwing class saggar fired their bowls last week and were wowed with the results. I love their excitement of the unexpected.

I am still umming and arrrring in the glazing/finishing quest generally. There will be some more testing this week. The frustration re occurs when you dont reproduce the results from previous tests. How long was that cooling cycle? Soldiering on in this department.

I’ll throw in a picture, its not too exciting but it is what it is. One direction I have been following is that of stripey rocks. This picture is a detail of a surface on one of these, still waiting patiently at bisque. All i will say is it has potential.

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  1. Hi karen, finally looked up this site, thanks for the mention of the good old days we had ...keep posting !!