Thursday, 21 July 2011

Eleni Antoniou Holloway

Hello fellow bloggers, readers, artists and craftsmen. My name is
Eleni Antoniou Holloway and I'm what you might call a young emerging
ceramic artist. I'm based in the Inner West of Sydney and have lived
locally all of my life. I studied as an undergraduate at the College
of Fine Arts, The National Art School and Sydney College of the Arts
in 2010 where I graduated with Honours.

Up until now I have been working hard to create a body of work for my
first solo show which opened last night at Sabbia Gallery in
Paddington. I made the body of work whilst on residency at Sydney
College of the Arts, which began in early March. It has been a trying
time, and I experienced a fair share of technical trouble with many
sleepless nights and long hours in the studio, which I would like to
share now that I have time and the calm state of mind to do so.

But before I get there, I would like to all invite you all to see my
show Chaos and the Cosmos that runs until 13 August 2011 at
Sabbia Gallery.


  1. If you are in Sydney, you'd be mad to miss this exhibition. Eleni's work features the most luscious glazes ever!!! I plan to go back and spend more time with the work as, with a room full of people, it was impossible to appreciate the questions Eleni ponders in her work. Chaos and the Cosmos!

  2. Hi Eleni! I saw your work at your graduation show @ NAS and I LOVED it sooo much!!! I will make sure to visit your exhibition at Sabbia Gallery. Keiko

  3. Hello,
    Thank you Vicki and Keiko for your kind words...