Thursday, 7 July 2011

Delilah van Wyk- Why I need JAC

Having just re read the rationale for PROmotion I must say that it is very timely as I negotiate my way through and around the research for uni. As my subject deals with so many related elements of 'home' and migration, as well as the reason that I work with clay, access to JAC is absolutely in valuable. ( my biggest mistake was to miss out on a years subscriptions thinking that I would catch up in the library ) Not only can one keep right up to date with contemporary art work, but having all the previous journals enables one to trace work and ideas which is absolutely essential for what i am doing.Probably the best way for me to learn to 'blog' will be to send a picture of current work and refer it back to artists who are working in the same vein. The first coming to mind is Vincent Mc Grath who has the most wonderful connection to the landscape and his touch with clay is awesome. When I succeed with another image i will quote some of the articles by him that have been inspirational.

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