Thursday, 7 July 2011

Avi Amesbury- Volcanic Ash

Some volcanic ash was given to me a few years ago which sat in the studio for quite awhile before I started experimenting with it in porcelain. The ash, like the found clays I use, has a personal association. As it happened the odd experimental pieces where lying around the studio which kept attracting attention.
I have a studio at Strathnairn in Holt in Canberra. It’s a fantastic studio in a beautiful rural setting. There are about 15 artist’s studios with ceramics, textiles, sculpture, painting, bookbinding, printing, woodwork and recently a foundry has been built.


  1. Hi Avi, Are you saying you incorporate the volcanic ash into the porcelain body? It is a fantastic result!

  2. Hi Jo
    I do, I'm also experimenting with including the ash in the glaze recipe. I'm waiting for some images of new work, which I will upload once I receive them.