Sunday, 26 June 2011

Xanadu- Dee Taylor Graham

Alright then, well, I've been accused of many things but never of being backwards about coming forwards, and someone (other than our fearless leaders Michael and Vicki) has to be brave enough to get this party started, so here goes...

Having said that, it's scary stuff eh? I'm old enough to have a level of wariness around putting myself out into the ether - digital style. Man, I'm old enough to remember a time before there was a digital style. Growing up we had a TRS80. Remember those 51/2 inch floppy disks? When I first went to uni we learnt to use the AppleIIGS which predated the Macintosh Classic. And here we are now...

Just recently I finally made myself visible on the Australian Ceramics Directory, uploaded my new website (teething problems and all), overcame my facebook phobia (well, that's a work in progress) and, with the help of my GenY partner in crime, even made some attempt to use it as a professional tool - we'll see how that works out. And now, blogging.

This has all been at the forefront of my mind (yes, trust me, there is a point) in thinking about a 50 year anniversary. What changes the world has seen in this time! We've all heard of or seen a graph (almost as good as a venn diagram - I'm, hoping I can sneak one or two of those into this blog somewhere) representing the exponential growth in change since the industrial revolution and again since World War II - I can't help wondering how long it (growth for the sake of it) can go on. And of course, what it means for us as artists / potters / writers / practitioners?

I have on my list of things to do this week, a trip to the SCA library. I want to throw myself into the journals and see if I can't look at them with fresh eyes. Having had The JAC / Pottery in Australia as a constant companion all these years, maybe I have forgotten to see her - like a long time lover one has begun to take for granted? I will also, while I'm there, be looking for any James Bond style jet packs - those things that once upon a time seemed like science fiction but have now become everyday. A bit like blogging about ceramics no?

In the meantime, hello to you all, fellow participants and big wide web world. This is me. It was no mean feat to find a photograph in which I'm not pulling a ridiculous face – naturally, taking the piss out of the plinth seemed so much more appropriate.

Thanks to Michael and Vicki for initiating this exciting project and thanks especially for having me along for the ride. I do look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Onward and upward


* (sadly?) This title has nothing to do with Olivia Newton John. Rather, it’s a reference to the awesome work of the same name by Samuel Taylor-Coleridge… In Xanadu did Kubla Khan, a stately pleasure dome decree.

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