Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tanya Richards-above,Below, In-between

The objective of my sculptural installation work is to create a relationship between the viewer, work and the space. These created settings resemble a staged scenario that rely on a viewer to complete the work. Michael Fried describes this scenario as theatrical, anticipating the viewer’s presence, an active participation

My work creates spaces of subdued lighting and shadows, revealing layers of reflections that are neither inner nor outer, but both. Unlike viewing a painting on a wall or a sculpture on a plinth, the viewer enters the space and in some way becomes part of the staged setting. The strategy of the installation is to encourage the viewer to actively participate within the space. It is less about arrangement of the objects in the space, but more about how the arrangement generates experiences.

My last exhibition Above, Below, In-Between (12th Aug-29thOct, 2010) was at University of Western Sydney Gallery at Werrington North Campus. This installation was purchased by UWS for their new teaching facility at Blacktown Hospital as permanent foyer installation. The work was transfigured to accommodate the 8.8 metre high ceiling of the foyer creating free flowing layers of objects suspended in space.

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