Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rona Sissons- my studio

My second post! In response to an earlier comment about sharing images of our studios and how we work, here goes…

I used to work on a coffee table sitting on the floor, in the middle of the living room, protecting the carpet with a washable rug. This was ok for handbuilding but my wheel had to live outside on the balcony which, although it was a beautiful spot was something less than ideal as a working space, either too hot, wet, windy, you get the ideaJ So last year we built me a little studio.

This is the studio when I first moved in. It’s a bit more cluttered now followed byare two views of my current workbench and wheel. As you can see, after the expense of building the studio, I’m still relying heavily on polystyrene boxes for furniture but I’m getting thereJ I still hand build sitting on the floor so polystyrene boxes are exactly the right height for my “table”!

At the moment, I’m working on anthropomorphic themes one of them being figures inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories. Here are some of my works “in storage”.

The figure I’m currently working on is a figure of Alice from the feast at the end of “Alice through the looking glass”. I’m making it in three pieces, the legs, the main part of the body and the crown in order to minimise the weight and making it easier to fire. I tried this technique for the first time last year but the fit between the two pieces left something to be desired. I’m hoping this one will be better .

I have a small kiln, a Tetlow K4 model with a Harco controller installed under the house. This was the biggest I could get running on single phase. It is useful but too small for a lot of my stuff.

I look forward to hearing about other peoples’ work areas and practises!

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