Sunday, 26 June 2011

Owen Carpenter- new work

Hello fellow blog experiments and wider online audience…
The greatest value I have found of the online medium of communication is that we can interconnect over vast distances. People who we had once only wished it possible to have a dialog with are now at out fingertips through online blogging, skyping, tweeting etc. This is particularly interesting to me as I am currently studying abroad in the US at the University of Kansas with the BFA/MFA department. Through travelling I have had the best opportunities to meet other ceramics involved people at the beginning of their journey, like me, or at the mid-point / twilight years of a ceramics related career.
I have just returned from the NCECA clay conference in Tampa Florida where I met countless fellow ceramicists in various situations and states of connection: conference halls, exhibitions, sales, dance floors and bars. The way we meet and learn, teach and grow from our connections with others is something I have been contemplating a great deal.
So for the duration that this blogging experiment runs I will be writing about and sharing how a student at the latter stage of his bachelors level education learns, shares and grows as an artist through the connections we make…
The Kansas University Raku kiln in full swing, and the results

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