Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Studio- Josephine Pittman

Welcome to Studio 3

My studio is a space I rent from Artsource ( It's in Garvey Park, which is quite close to the city. A beautiful big park right on the river.

I apologise for it looking so clean and blank. I recently moved in : )

My studio hasn't always been an art studio... in a previous life it was a toilet block/ changing rooms for the local kayaking club!

It is usually quite quiet if you ignore the constant stream of caravaning tourists who are adamant their guide promised them use of free showers at this location : )

It is nice to sit out on the verandah, watch the local airport sniffer dogs get excerised, the local police have an afternoon barbeque or my favourite just sit and watch the river drift on my by

I promise to post more images as my studio grows up to be a REAL clay studio


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