Sunday, 26 June 2011

Jan Downes- travel

One of the best ceramic experiences I have had (it rivals the triennial pilgrimage to Gulgong) was to do a residency. I did it for a month 18months ago at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet in Hungary. It was at the time of Hot off the Press,which included workshops about printing on clay.Three artists who print on clay were there to demonstrate. Paul Scott, the author of books on the subject and artist who draws on the tradition of blue on white ware, Ane-Katrin von Bulow from Denmark who silkscreens black on white and Maria Geszler who screens then builds her pieces.

I gained a lot from being with these artists and having the time to do my own work. The studios, accommodation and kitchens were all part of a complex surrounded by a wall on a block in the town.See photo of us looking out top the street. Living and working together we all got to know each other very well. We walked to great markets for fresh produce which included about fifteen varieties of mushroom!

I'm Jan Downes, I don't have pink hair, I am the person on the far left. I'm passionate about porcelain and my main interest is printing on porcelain. I am currently going to TAFE so I can improve my knowledge and techniques of printmaking and I enjoy experimenting,right now I'm using collographs to print on clay. Next blog I'll show you some images ....

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