Sunday, 26 June 2011

Here's to PROmotion!

Hi from Vicki Grima, current editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics.
How exciting to start off this blog with the publication this week of our 144th issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC), issue 50/1. As editor of JAC I am very excited to be part of the planning for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our first issue published in early 1962.
With this PROmotion blog underway it's now up to the group of artists chosen from the last ten years of the JAC National Education Pictorial Survey. Michael Keighery as curator will be working with you, the contributing artists, towards an exhibition to be held at Manly Art Gallery and Museum in December 2011. This exhibition will herald the start of the 50th anniversary celebrations of The Journal of Australian Ceramics in 2012. Fifty years of continuous publication is a wonderful achievement and a credit to our supporters (the subscribers), the committees, editors, advertisers, educational institutions and galleries who have played, and continue to play, their part in making this publication an important part of the studio ceramics community in Australia.
I look forward to lots of stimulating conversations on the blog as we celebrate the diversity of ceramic practice in Australia. Bring it on!

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